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miniatura bezpieczeństwo w standardzie
19 November 2020

The statistics in Poland are getting worse, but we know how to fix it Police statistics say that in Poland there are over 70,000 jobs every year. burglaries into houses and apartments, most of which is caused by interference with the window frames. In many European countries this figure is even worse, but the police

01 October 2020

Natural look You can find many different wood decor foils for plastic windows. However, the Realwood and Woodec foils give your windows a particular look and a special feeling. Realwood or Woodec foils do not shimmer as much as standard wood decor foils. They have an attractive embossing and give plastic windows the natural appearance

SO EASY Wood_line_1
02 November 2017

Releasing 1st December 2017 SO EASY is a system of doors and windows made of aluminium, which is going to be released this year…

kubus (1)
01 August 2017

The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new design idiom for vinyl windows in architecture. It offers large expanses of glass for morelight and transparency, and greater design freedom. On the inside, the new system boasts a flush sightline with no distracting joins. On the outside, its rectangular upstand emphasizes the harmonious overall impression.

Lumaxx Bild 2
01 July 2017

The S9000 LUMAXX system features extremely narrow window frames that provide up to 25% more glazing area and. At the same time, it balances the proportions between thermal insulation properties, window statics and fitting fittings.

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