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PLASTIXAL raises the safety standard in PVC joinery

The statistics in Poland are getting worse, but we know how to fix it

Police statistics say that in Poland there are over 70,000 jobs every year. burglaries into houses and apartments, most of which is caused by interference with the window frames. In many European countries this figure is even worse, but the police are making progress and are successfully fighting the wave of property robberies. In our western neighbors (Germany), the security services, led by the German police, contributed to the decline in infamous statistics by sending numerous information campaigns to citizens on the subject of burglary prevention. As anti-burglary protection began to be used more and more, the number of burglaries decreased from year to year. Therefore, it can be seen that the remedy for the growing number of burglaries is the higher standard of woodwork.

Plastixal and a security

The strategy of building the PLASTIXAL brand was based on products that meet increased safety standards, and it is safety that we place particular emphasis on. This is evidenced by the range of products in an increased burglary resistance class (RC1, RC2, RC3), incl. recently launched Sereniti Plus window in the RC3 class.


The awareness of the need for security is growing
We are noting a growing number of customers who are already determined to buy a product that meets the appropriate classes of burglary or fire resistance. This means that consumers’ awareness of products increasing the safety of people staying in buildings is growing. We believe that, especially in times of an increasing number of burglaries into houses and apartments, the role of woodwork producers should be to educate and inform consumers about the importance of windows and doors in stopping a potential burglar.

Despite the progressive positive phenomenon, which is the growing public awareness of the standards of risk prevention, Plastixal, without waiting for the effects of these changes, decided to introduce a new, higher standard of PVC joinery, out of concern for the safety of its customers.

As part of the new higher standard, customers benefit in accordance with technological possibilities:

4 anti-burglary catches in each turn and tilt and turn sash.
2 anti-burglary catches in each tilt sash.
Blockade of mishandling of the handle, along with the sash lift in all tilt and turn sashes.

Podwyższony standard bezpieczeństwa

The increased standard in PVC joinery is effective from March 16, 2020.

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