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Exclusive decorfoils RealWood and Woodec

Natural look

You can find many different wood decor foils for plastic windows. However, the Realwood and Woodec foils give your windows a particular look and a special feeling. Realwood or Woodec foils do not shimmer as much as standard wood decor foils. They have an attractive embossing and give plastic windows the natural appearance of wood, even if they are not made of wood. Concerning the colour effect the new foils, which are available in six attractive plain colours, have a special appeal characterized by a surface, which is much closer to the look of genuine wood. The functional advantages cannot be denied, as they are convincing thanks to their high durability to the UV and weather resistance, and due to their surface structure they require little maintenance and are stain-resistant.

Realwood foils

Realwood RAL 9010 Realwood RAL 9001 Realwood RAL 7039 Realwood RAL 6009 Realwood RAL 5011 Realwood dąb skandynawski Realwood dąb miodowy Realwood dąb imbirowy Realwood dąb amarantowy Realwood RAL 7016

Woodec foils

ap21 sheffield oak concrete (woodec) ap20 sheffield oak alpine (woodec) ap19 turner oak malt (woodec)

ap21 dąb Sheffield concrete (shoc) WOODEC ap20 dąb Sheffield alpine (shoa) WOODEC ap19 dąb Turner Malt (tom) WOODEC

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