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Basing on the mullion-transom wall MB-SR50, the overlay system was created, enabling combination of the construction materials having different material properties – one form the inside and different one from the outside of the building. The aluminium elements applied from the outside provide excellent, durable and unbreakable protection against weather conditions for the internal framework structure. For building the supporting structures, two materials can be used: wooden profiles because of their natural beauty giving nice and cosy atmosphere, or the steel because of the required industrial type of decoration or due to large distances between the supports. 

The basis for the MB-SR50 A system construction is connecting the aluminium profile (mullion-transom) with the wooden or steel profile, resulting in a complex resistant profile. The mullion-transom profile is shielded with a special continuous cover gasket made of EPDM, thanks to which the entire façade meets high parameters as regards the thermal and acoustic insulation for the basic sections.

The MB-SR50 A system can be applied both in vertical structures, glass roofs and the winter gardens. 
The appearance of the aluminium profiles, just like in the case of a traditional wall MB-SR50, can be individually formed by giving a proper shape to the cover beads, depending on the personal taste and the architectural project.

Structure and technical parameters:

  • width of the mullions: 50 mm,
  • width of the transoms: 50 mm,
  • glazing with sight vane sets of the thickness from 4 up to 48mm,
  • thermal insulation of the aluminium structure: Uf≥ 2,49 [W/m2K],
  • acoustic insulation: Rwmin = 40 [dB]

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