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DECALU 163 slide
DECALU 163 slide

Decalu 163 slide

A sliding door system designed in accordance with the latest trends in modern architecture.
Frame and sash profiles are very slender. The total visible width of the movable post is only 73 mm. The sliding system with narrow, appealing profiles and huge glass panes will perfectly illuminate the living spaces in your interiors. The system uses lifting and sliding hardware, which carries the maximum weight of the sash – 400kg – and ensures the highest comfort of use.

If you choose DECALU 163 SLIDE made in the SOEASY technology, you will obtain:

  • highly energy-efficient door. 
  • an additional gasket system insulating the interiors of buildings from the sounds and noise outside,  improving the tightness and thermal properties of the system.
  • the system is available in 3 options: with one, two and three tracks.
  • maximum sunlight into interiors – more than any other sliding systems, due to minimum profile dimensions.
  • glazing possible from the outside or inside for 1-track solutions.
  • top-level functionality and appearance of SO EASY technology.

Parameters of the DECALU 163 SLIDE system:

  • Instalation depth 163 mm
  • Max. glass thickness 58 mm
  • Uw ≥ 0,9 W/m2*K
  • Combination with the movable post 73 mm
  • Combination frame and sash 100 mm
decalu 163 slide HR - shadow 750x750

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