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The independent roll-up insect screen system is an excellent and extremely tight solution that secures interior spaces against insects with the possibility of closing and opening at any time. Structural elements of the screen (box, rails, endslat) are made of extruded aluminium, which ensures durability and resistance for many years of use. A special clip helps adjust the height of the mesh closure. Installing the system to the lintel is very fast and simple, thanks to the aluminium catch, which is also painted in the colour of the box. In addition, it is possible to use a restrictor, allowing the gentle and noiseless closure of the endslat to the box. The system is very practical, especially that it uses, to the maximum extent, other insect screen system components that are offered by Aluprof. This is a very aesthetic and modern solution, which, thanks to its small box fits perfectly in any recess.

Poniższe okleiny można stosować tylko dla ram 5500 i 5501.
Pozostałe ramy (5502, 5503, 5517) dostępne są tylko w kolorze białym.

MZN moskitiera zwijana

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