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DECALU 88 hidden
DECALU 88 hidden

Decalu 88 hidden

DECALU 88 HIDDEN – The so-called “concealed sash” system has all features of the basic solution DECALU 88 standard, but simultaneously ensures optimum appearance for this type of solution. An additional advantage of the DECALU 88 hidden system is the possibility to glaze it with glass of any thickness using glazing clips featured in the basic version without the need to change the sash profile. The movable post for the “concealed sash” solution in the minimum version has a visual width of only 111 mm. The system includes fixed posts for the assemblies: sash – sash, sash – fixed glazing, fixed glazing – fixed glazing.

DECALU 88 HIDDEN system parameters:

  • installation depth 88mm
  • max. glass thickness 63mm
  • Uw ≤ 0,9 W/m2*K
  • combination with the movable post 111.5mm
  • frame and sash combination 83mm
decalu 88 hidden HR - shadow 750x750

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