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Simply beautiful windows

New simplicity in design

The KUBUS system defines a new design idiom for vinyl windows in architecture. It offers large expanses of glass for more light and transparency, and greater design freedom. On the inside, the new system boasts a flush sightline with no distracting joins. On the outside, its rectangular upstand emphasises the harmonious overall impression.

Square and almost invisible

The system dimension for both the frame/sash combination and the mullion is 100 mm. This means that the mullion and lateral frame parts have the same visible width, resulting in symmetry and an aesthetic appeal.

Reveal variants

Maximum design freedom! The design-oriented KUBUS window system opens up a range of design possibilities and therefore new perspectives for architects. Whether fully exposed, half concealed or almost invisible, KUBUS frames are guaranteed to make an impression.

Easy-to-cleanframe geometry

The KUBUS system is also impressive from a functional point of view, above all with respect to the ease of cleaning. In the profile geometry, particular attention was paid to smooth contours in the frame. The frame stop has no gasket, while a curved central domed gasket is integrated into the frame.

  • No glazing bead
  • Installation depth and visible width of 100 mm for the frame/sash package and the mullion
  • Flush interior view
  • Clean contours
KUBUS- Plastixal
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