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The innovative SERENITI combined system


Freely combinable innovative central gasket

As a combined system with an installation depth of 82.5 mm, new Sereniti system combines the characteristics and benefits of central and rebate gaskets. The large installation depth, six profile chambers in the frame and sash and up to three end-to-end sealing levels guarantee outstanding heat insulation. As a result, the windows meet even the highest requirements.

Modern central gasket geometry

The flexible central gasket in the frame rebate makes a significant contribution to the improvement in heat insulation. It also protects the fitting elements against the ingress of moisture resulting in enhanced opening behaviour, particularly at low outside temperatures.

Optimised heat insulation

Developing a system with the best heat insulation properties does not happen by accident, but rather as a result of focused development work. Our success proves us right. Numerous calculations have produced outstanding heat insulation values. Right from the beginning, the goal of development was to achieve a heat insulation value of Uf – 0.92 W/m²K for the standard combination with steel, making the system suitable for use in passive houses. This was accomplished through the sum of the innovative system design details.

  1. Suitable for triple functional glazing with a maximum thickness of 52 mm (STV®54 mm).
  2. Narrow visible width and 15° incline as a design feature.
  3. Intelligent sealing concept with up to three end-to-end sealing levels.
  4. Optimised for the use of STV® for dry bonding the pane and sash upstand.
  5. Very good heat and sound insulation thanks to the six-chamber design and large installation depth for the frame and sash.
System GEALAN 7000 GEALAN 8000 GEALAN 9000 KUBUS
4 4 4 4
9A 8A 8A 9A
C5/B5 C5/B5 C3/B4 C5/B5
34-47dB 34-46db 34-46dB 34-42dB
350N 350N 350N 350N
74mm 74mm 82,5mm 82,5mm

Uwaga: Wartości przykładowe podane dla okna jednoskrzydłowego RU z naświetlem oraz dla okna jednoskrzydłowego w systemie Kubus.
W przypadku zmiany wymiarów lub konstrukcji parametry mogą ulec zmianie.

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