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PSK 200
PSK 200

Up to 200 kg sash weight. The new  PORTAL PS 200 comfort combines intuitive handling with extremely smooth running.

Less is often more. That‘s certainly true of SIEGENIA‘s new PS 200 comfort parallel sliding hardware: its no-frills approach means that the focus is strictly on its basic function and thus offers end users maximum ease of use. Firstly, this is down to the intuitive operation similar to that of a turn-only window, which guarantees extremely easy handling. Secondly, this can be attributed to having an uninterrupted seal. This stops drafts and ensures room comfort thanks to high levels of energy efficiency. With burglar resistance up to RC2 even in the standard version.

All benefits at a glance

  • Sash weights up to 200 kg can be achieved
  • Use of the standard turn-and-tilt hardware for the central locking gear
  • Mutually compatible basic and premium equipment for customised offer
  • Easy and convenient to use, supported by several clever comfort components
  • Burglar resistance up to resistance class RC2
  • Intuitive operation, similar to that of a turn-only window
  • Sturdy and safe to use – as operating errors are practically impossible
  • High compression – as there is no break in the perimeter seal
  • Contemporary cover cap design

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